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Cuplock Accessories


Place of Origin: Punjab India Brand Name: HOBO

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Export Worthy Packaging As Per Buyers Requirement
Delivery Detail: Delivery on time

1) Cuplock Accessories.
2) Best quality.
3) Prompt delivery.
4) Reasonable price.
* A multipurpose scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support
* structures in the building and construction industries, ship building, offshore construction
* and industrial maintenance.
* It provides major savings in erection and dismantling times thus minimizing on-site costs.
* When not in use, its modular construction ensures minimal space requirements for storage.
* A unique node point connection allows up to four horizontal members to be connected to a
* vertical member in one single action - without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. The
* locking device is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to the vertical
* component at pre-located intervals and a sliding upper cup. The forged blade ends of the
* horizontal components are located into the lower cup, the upper cup is moved down and
* rotated to secure the components in place and a hammer blow then results in a positive
* and rigid connection.
* It is extremely versatile. It can be erected for straight, curved and circular configuration
* for both access and support, and also for independent and mobile towers.
* Both vertical and horizontal members are manufactured from 48.3mm overall diameter x
* 3.2mm gauge high tensile steel to British Standard 4360 Grade 50
* (minimum ultimate tensile stress = 534N/mm2).
* With no loose parts and with corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing to British
* Standard 729, minimum thickness of the zinc coating is 85 microns.
* Conforms to BS1139 Part 5, HD1000, OSHA and Australian New Zealand Standards


* Quick fastening of horizontals.

* Four horizontals can be fastened at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the joint rigid.

* Quick erection and dismantling results in time and labour saving.

* Versatile use in construction, demolition or maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved.

* Easy erection with no loose components.

* Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity up to 57 KN per vertical.

* Low maintenance.

* Safety with proven track record.

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