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Garcinia Kola


are into orthodox and herbal medicine production.

At Empire Network Group we ensure that our product is dried naturally to preserve the color and taste. The purpose of drying is to reduce

the moisture content and possibly fungal attack. For the exportable product to achieve standard in terms of quality and packaging at the

international market, the following parameters are also observed: Commodities (the product) is properly dried to avoid moldiness, free

from extraneous matters, and not adulterated.

Below is our specification

Visible Mould: Non
Free From Alatoxine
Free From Salmonella
Acid Insoluble Ash: 2% max
Moisture: 12%max
Acid Insoluble Ash: 2% max
Caffeine:1.5 % minimum
Foreign Matter:1.5%

Packaging: 1Kg per wrapper, = 7kg in each box
Or 25,35,50kg PP bags or according to buyer's request

Delivery: 5-14 Working days after signing contract and all agreements done(Delivery time varies due to the volume requested).

Payment Terms: Contact us for more information, as we provide all our clients with suitable and secured payment method/system that would

be convenient for both our clients and us.

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Garcinia Kola

Garcinia Kola
We are capable of producing unlimited metric tons/month of Garcinia Kola(Bitter kola)to overseas, bo

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