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Gellan Gum

Food Beverage

Packing in 25kgs/drum
Shelf life of 24months.
Other name:pseudomonas elodea gum;Gelrite;Phytagel;Gellan gum
Group: Emulsifier, Gelling Agent, Hydrocolloid, Stabilizer,Thickener
Application: Confectionery, Dairy, Flavor + Fragrance, Food, Fruit Preparation, Technical
Origin: Water-soluble Polysaccharide which is produced by the aerobic fermentation of the microorganism Sphingomonas elodea.
Function: Gelling agent and heat stabilizer in fruit preparations, stabilizer in soy drinks,plant tissue culture media and many more.
100% pure Low Acyl Gellan Gum
Packaging and storage:
Net 25 kg per drum(GW:27.5KGS, dia 39CM * H 50CM of drum size)
Store in cool,dry conditions; shelf life of 24months

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