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Gyratory Cone Crusher

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l & Specification Size Of Feed Port Recommend Maximum Size Of Feed Port Minimum Discharge Port Size Discharge Outlet Adjustment Range Moving Cone Bottom Diameter Production Capacity Motor Power mm mm mm mm mm t/h Kw pxz05065004206060-901200140-250155pxz0710700580100100-1301400310-400180pxz0913900750130130-1601650600-1000280pxz121612001000160160-19020001200-1500400pxz141714001200170170-20022001500-2500500pxz1417A14001200170170-22022002750-3300560pxz608915241300178178-20022603000-3500560pxz639316001350190190-21523603700-4500800Gyratory Cone Crusher is a high-performance machine which our company adopt Germany technology and develop with the world's advanced level. It not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency,Website:****but also expanded the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, produced from the stone to a variety of ore crushing, high efficiently finish all kinds of crushing, fine, super finely homework. It is the latest generation of products to replace alternative spring cone crusher and other crushers in construction industry and it is the most ideal equipment for large stone material factory and mining breaking.Gyratory cone crusher is similar in basic concept to a jaw crusher, consisting of a concave surface and a conical head; both surfaces are typically lined with manganese steel surfaces. The inner cone has a slight circular movement, but does not rotate; the movement is generated by an eccentric arrangement. As with the jaw crusher, material travels downward between the two surfaces being progressively crushed until it is small enough to fall out through the gap between the two surfaces.

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