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Gyratory Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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l & Specification Size Of Feed Port Recommend Maximum Size Of Feed Port Minimum Discharge Port Size Discharge Outlet Adjustment Range Moving Cone Bottom Diameter Production Capacity Motor Power mm mm mm mm mm t/h Kw pxz05065004206060-901200140-250155pxz0710700580100100-1301400310-400180pxz0913900750130130-1601650600-1000280pxz121612001000160160-19020001200-1500400pxz141714001200170170-20022001500-2500500pxz1417A14001200170170-22022002750-3300560pxz608915241300178178-20022603000-3500560pxz639316001350190190-21523603700-4500800Gyratory Hydraulic Cone Crusher consists of beam,Website:****upper frame, middle frame, lower frame, moving cone, eccentric sleeve, transmission part and hydraulic cylinder part. Horizontal shaft driven by motor rotates constantly. Then horizontal axis makes eccentric sleeve rotate by gear, after that eccentric sleeve will drive the moving cone to swing circularly, so as to realize crushing process.

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