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Hand-made Bacon

Fresh Broccoli

Item Type: Bacon Packaging: Vacuum Pack Shelf Life: 6months in frozen
Place of Origin: Japan Reference No: 0238-02 Product Type: Processed meat
Product State: Frozen Flavor: Texture like dry-cured ham Aroma: Smoky aroma
Color: Brown Components: Pork chop

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Quantity per case: 50 packs, Total weight per case: 10kg, Case External Dimensions: Length 450 x Width 360 x Height 190 (mm).
Delivery Detail: Please contact us for delivery details.

Hand-made Bacon Hand-made Bacon type of hand-made bacon Product Description
* This bacon is made by hand one by one by our butchers in our own company.
* It is possible to have the bacon cut to your preferred size for sales.
* Carefully selected Hokkaido pork is smoked with cherry chips.
* Please enjoy the enriched flavour and smokey aroma the moment you bite into this bacon.
* This bacon is perfect to have with beer and wine!
* This bacon can be eaten as is, sauteed or used as an ingredient in various recipes.
Please contact us for more information. Company Information We are Hokkaido Branding Co., Ltd located in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is the largest northern island of Japan. It is an island gifted with an abundance of nature. Many unique companies and products exist in Hokkaido. - We act as a trading company and agent of Hokkaido manufacturers. - We supply various kinds of products made in Hokkaido, Japan. - We export Hokkaido products to locations all over the world. - We can help provide you with any product from Hokkaido.

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Style: Fresh Product Type: Cruciferous Vegetabless Type: Broccoli Place of Origin: Japan Ref

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Quick Details Product Type: Cruciferous Vegetabless Type: Broccoli Style: Fresh Cultivation Typ

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