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Kalamata olives

Fresh Water Melons

Product Type: Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit Type: Olive Style: Fresh
Variety: Kalamata Color: purple- brown Cultivation Type: Common
Size (cm): 90 Place of Origin: Greece Brand Name: kalamata 'olives

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 1 kg 5 kg 13 kg, 80 kg 150 kg
Delivery Detail: 5 days

kalamata olives
Genuine KALAMATA REGION variety
Peloponnese Region GREEK KALAMATA OLIVES A' QUALITY In our days, the best olive type for food is considered the Greek "Kalamata Olive" (Calamon Olive), an almond-shaped Greek olive that ranges in length from about 1/2 to 1 inch.
Kalamatas olives (Calamon) are a dark eggplant color and have an excellent flavor that can be rich and fruity. They're often slit to allow the wine vinegar "Marinade" in which they're soaked to penetrate the flesh.
Kalamatas are marketed packed in either olive oil or vinegar. This type of olive is found exclusively in Greece Region Peloponnese.

Other important types of Greek olives are the Black Olives and the Green Olives.
Olives are selected based on three factors, which are the year of harvest, the type and the size. Olives should be eaten within 18 months after production date. Their size varies from very small to giant called as "mammoth". Olives are measured by their number per litre of net content. One litre of net content can hold from 80 to 400 olives depending on the size.

KALAMATA Olives are ready for exports. We Never use chemicals at all, for maturing our olives.
They are premium quality olives.

You may contact us any time with your inquiry.

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Style: Fresh Product Type: Melon Type: Water Melon Cultivation Type: Common Size (cm): 20 Grade: A Certification: SGS Weight (kg): 3 Place of Origin: Egypt Brand Name: KHAIR TSC Model Number: 007 RED: SWEETY Packaging & Delivery Pack

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Style: Fresh Product Type: Melon Type: Water Melon Cultivation Type: Common Maturity: 90 % - 100 % Size (cm): 6 - 15 kg Grade: AA Place of Origin: Greece Brand Name: BARRELS SAMANTHA Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: WOODEN PALLETS 4

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Quick Details Product Type: Melon Style: Fresh Type: Water Melon Cultivation Type: Organic Maturity: Completed Grade: A Certification: Iso9001 Weight (kg): 20 Place of Origin: Egypt Brand Name: Global Fruits For Import And Export Packagin

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