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Mfresh YL-113 uv air sterilizer

Air Purifiers

Certification: CE Capacity (CFM): 98 Voltage (V): 120
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Mfresh Model Number: YL-113
weight: 5.0Ibs voltage: 120v power: 0.7amps
dimensions: 10.69in.W*11.5in.D*4.5in.H

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Packaging Detail: normal package
Delivery Detail: 15 to 20 days

UC-V light,
filters ,HEPA Activated Cabon filter
home use. Mfresh YL-113 uv air sterilizer
Specifications Model No. YL-113
Input Voltage 120V-60Hz
Power Consumption 0.7amps
Dimensions 10.69in.W*11.5in.D*4.5in.H
Unit Insulation Class Class II
Phase 1
Dust Collection Method IMechanical Dust Trapping (HEPA Filter)
Weight 5.0Ibs
Plug US
Certification CE, RoHS, WEEE

RESET Button Resets the unit for operation .Button must be pressed after filter replacement and changing carbon pre-filter.
POWER Button Turns unit ON or OFF
CHANGE Icon Illuminates indicating filter change is needed for either HEPA or CARBON filter
UV-C Icon UV-C icon illuminates when UV-C light is ON
SPEED Button Provides 3 choices for airflow fan speed .LOW-MED-HIGH
FAN SPEED Indicators Illuminate to show the selected airflow fan speed LOW-MED-HIGH
UV-C Button Turn the UV-C lamp ON/OFF
Purification Method: PM2.5 Filter: 1. First step: Pre-filter: it uses micron mesh filter, effectively resists fiber particulate matter which is bigger than 0.28mm,
the blocking rate is over 99.90%.It is convenient to wash and clean over tens of thousands of items. Function: It can prevent big particles in the air, such as hair, dandruff, coarse grains and fine dust. Also, it can protect the other filter.
1. Second step: High-performance HEPA filter,a diameter of more than 0.25 micron particulate matter removal efficiency of 99.99%, and professional removal of dust and respirable particulate matter. In line with European standards,far exceeding the provisions of PM2.5 air quality detection.Excellence dust effect, to eliminate dust pollution on the lungs, the complete elimination of the threat of dust. Function: Removal of 99.99% allergens and bacterial in the air, such as dust,smoke,pollen,pet hair,bacterial and mold spores.
1. Third step: Activated Carbon filter: can remove 99.00% free formaldehyde,benzene,ammonia and TOVC etc,,harmful substance, characteristic mix and adsorptive capacity can be comprehensive purifier air. UV-C Light Bulb A UV-C and HEPA filtration product that removes many microorganisms from the air that pass through the system. UV-C light is used by hospitals for sanitization,to help reduce the transmission of germs that can cause colds or flu. Using air purifier Horizonal Unit can be used horizontally , on a flat , level and solid surface such as a desk, table or dresser Wall-Mount Unit can be mounted on a wall. For complete wall-mount instructions see Page 8. Vertical Unit can be used vertically on a flat . Level and solid surface,such as a desk ,table or dresser Power Button Press the POWER button to turn the unit ON. Hold the POWER button down for 2 seconds to turn the unit OFF. (Fig.1) Manual Mode Press the SPEED button to select LOW MED or HIGH airflow fan speed. From the LOW position,press once to move to MED.Press a second time to move output to HIGH.Press a third time to move from HIGH back to LOW. (Fig.2) Filter Reset When the CHANGE filter icon light is on, replace the designated filter (HEPA or CARBON) And press the RESET button with a pointed tool . Hold RESET button down for 1 second or until the light resets. When the HEPA and CARBON PRE-FILTER lights are on. press the RESET button once and the lights will go off .(Fig.3) *RESEET button works only when the CHANGE filter icon is on. UV-C Light Button Press the UV-C light button to turn ON the lamp. Press the button a second time to turn the UV-V light OFF .(Fig.4) Filter Cleaning and Replacement Cycles FILTER CLEAN/CHANGE CYCLE CLEAN/CHANGE
Carbon Pre-Filter Every 6 months Replacement
HEPA Filter Every 12-18 months depending on use. Vacuum every 3 months Replacement
l Each service life is based on 12-hour use per day. l The recommended filter replacement cycles may differ depending on the operation environment. l The recommended filter replacement cycles are according to proper care and maintenance in normal environment. Packing Normal package.

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Mfresh YL-113 uv air sterilizer

Mfresh YL-113 uv air sterilizer
Power Source: Electrical Type: HEPA Filter Installation: Portable Certification: CE Capacity

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MOQ: 300Unit/Units
FOB Price: US $130/ Unit
Mfresh YL-113 uv air sterilizer
Beijing M Fresh High Tech Co., Ltd.
Business Type
Manufacturer, Trading Company