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NI-MH C5000MAH 1.2V

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ription:1,Website:****NI-MH C5000mAh 2,Charging time : 1.2h 3,Size : 25*50mm 4,Per weight : 0.045kg 5,Certification CE,SGS Ni-MH rechargeable battery, Ni-MH C5000mAh, with advantages of:1. High capacity, long cycle life and stable voltage output.2. Suitbale for flashlights, electrical toy cars, electrical tools, medical instruments, electrical household appliances, etc.3. Reliable quality, good price. Please contact me to get more details.Model:   NI-MH C5000mAh Charging  time :   1.2h   Size :  25*50mm Charging  current  : 5A  Rated  Voltage :   1.2V Rated  Capacity  :  5000mAh  Certification  CE,SGS Per  weight  :   0.045kg 

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