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Peeling Oil

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Certification: Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) Feature: Exfoliator,Lightening,Pigmentation Correctors,Whitening,Skin Peeling Ingredient: Botanicals
Age Group: Adults Form: Liquid Use: Body
Place of Origin: Philippines Liquid Color: Yellow Mass: 1 liter

Peeling Oil #1, Peeling Oil #2, Peeling Oil #3 to achieve body peeling. For Retail & Wholesale. Peeling Oil #1 This is used as the base oil before applying the strong formula for skin peeling. PRICE: 1,240.00php / 31.00 usd / liter Peeling Oil #2 A 0.05% solution to be used as a mixture in strong peeling or as maintenance. PRICE: 950.00php / 23.75 usd / liter Peeling Oil #3Useful maintenance after skin peeling to continue the whiteness of the skin. PRICE: 750.00php / 18.75 usd / liter DIRECTIONS OF USAGE:Wet cotton with peeling oil and apply on desired area of your body to be peeled or whitened. Apply in the evening only. You can use this daily. PRECAUTION:Must avoid sun exposure.

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