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Polymers Involving Cyclodextrin Moieties

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Polymers involving cyclodextrin moieties present the following categories:
1, Cross-linked polymer. Cyclodextrin is part of polymer structure, such as epichlorohydrin cross-linked cyclodextrin.
2, Linear polymer. Cyclodextrin hung outside the polymer chain, such as acryloyl cyclodextrin polymer.
3, Cyclodextrin grafted polymer. Cyclodextrin is grafted to the polymer end, such as cyclodexdrin grafed poly lactic acid.
4, Polypseudorotaxane and polyrotaxane. Linear polymers cross cyclodextrin cavities as pearl necklace.
5, Self-assembled supramolecular polymer. This polymer is made of non-covalent interactions between the monomer units.

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