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Royal Nafis Vingar

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Bulk chemical properties:
The physical and chemical properties of vinegar reflect the fact that vinegar is mainly a dilute aqueous solution of acetic acid.
This acid liquid is the product of two biochemical processes:
1. Alcoholic fermentation, which converts natural sugars into alcohol.
C6H12O6 -----------------yeast--------------------? 2C2H50H + 2 CO2.
2. Acid fermentation in which acetobacter, microorganisms present in the air we breathe, converts the alcohol into acid.
C2H5OH + 02 --------acetobacter aceti---------? CH3COOH + H2O.
And it is this acid, which imparts the sour taste to vinegar along with its cleaning and antiseptic or germ killing properties.
Of course Ibnalnafis royal vinegar (grapes, apple, date, and pomegranate) is much more than dilute solutions of acetic acid. It contains various amounts of minerals, vitamins, fiber, enzymes and other organic compounds.
These are all however, minor components in the vinegar even though they are major contributors to the product's flavor and aroma as well as its overall nutrition and health benefits.

Medical and nutritional properties:
Organic Acids:
Ibnalnafis royal vinegar (grapes, apple, date, pomegranate) contains approximately 5% acetic acid and much smaller amounts of malic acid, lactic acid, and various amino acids. They give the vinegar its antiseptic property, which helps deter the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeasts in the digestive track and on the skin by topical use. By taking a little "Ibnalnafis royal vinegar" before a meal, you can increase stomach acidity and thereby improve digestion and nutrient uptake.
many researches advocate the use of vinegar to maintain the acid alkaline balance (pH balance) of the body's urine.
Vitamins and other antioxidants:
Some of the vitamins, amino acids, and bioflavonoids found in grapes, apple, date, pomegranate vinegar are antioxidants, which help in improving the metabolism and mainly the lipolytic property, and support the body during the diet, prevent cancer and protect the body against damage caused by exposure to chemical toxins.
Apples and apple vinegar contain pectin, a water soluble fiber which can absorb water, fat, toxins, and cholesterol in the digestive tract and remove them from the body. Pectin also improves glucose metabolism and lowers blood pressure resulting in improved heart health. The insoluble fiber in apples aids digestion and elimination, promotes regularity, and contributes to bowel cleaning.
The mentioned properties pay the health care adviser to consider it as a sponsor of the general state of the body and as ajuvant natural cure for over weight and obesity, and other pathological cases.
Ibnalnafis royal vinegar has a host of easily absorbable minerals, with potassium being by far the most plentiful. Potassium works together with sodium in the control of the body's water balance, conduction of nerve impulses, contraction of muscles, maintenance of a normal heart rhythm, and it is essential for the storage of carbohydrate and its breakdown for energy.

You can combine the veniger in all pathological cases due to its properties as a
general tonic.

Use the veniger (1- 2 table spoon) three times daily before the meal.
And in case of hypersensitivity to the acidity have it with salad or after meal.
For topical use (wounds ….) saturate the swab and apply on the target area.

Don’t use the veniger in case of gastrointestinal ulceration.

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